My name is Jeremy Carter and I started Bold Future because I believe that to thrive in the future, you must learn to lead today.  

Bold Future is for purpose driven leaders gripped by the entrepreneurial spirit - the courageous few who don't just dream, they do. It's for people with a light in their eyes and a fire in their belly. 

Regardless, of where you work or what you do, whether your'e a corporate employee, a startup founder, a non-profit director, or anything in between, if you are intent on making the world a better and more interesting place, Bold Future is for you. 

Over time it will evolve and take on a variety of forms and mediums... a blog, a podcast, maybe a live event or a video series. It's too early to say, but what will never change is my unwavering commitment to serve up resources that you will find valuable and worthwhile. No jargon. No B.S. Always authentic. 

Thanks for being here and if I can ever do anything you, please let me know.