The Bold Future podcast is continuing to grow and I am looking for an intern to help with marketing and promotion. I have outlined the details below:


About the Show

The Bold Future Podcast is a show specifically designed for emerging leaders gripped by the entrepreneurial spirit. I interview leaders around the state of Alabama who are having a big impact on the world. Over time, the interviews will expand beyond the state. Typically, interviews fall within the categories of business, non-profits and entertainment.  My interviews are real conversations with real people. Jargon and buzzwords are discouraged. We talk some about their work for context, but I’m more interested in their thought processes… things like how they make decisions, adversity they’ve overcome, daily habits, etc. I am currently putting out my third season and you can see all episodes in iTunes or on my site at


About the Host

I believe that leadership changes everything. I also know that leadership is very hard. Currently, I co-own an escape game business called Breakout with locations in Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile. I’ve learned a lot of lessons as I’ve led our team over the last few years, the biggest lesson being how little I know. That’s why I put out this podcast. My hope is that by hearing from other people leading at a high level, we’ll be able to become better leaders ourselves. You can see more of how I think and what I care about here


About the Work

More than 90% of my time spent working on this podcast has been dedicated to production. From the beginning I’ve wanted to continue to put out the best possible interviews I can. I’ve cared more about quality (of content) than quantity (of audience). Consequently, I’ve spent little time on promotion or marketing the podcast itself. I’m ready to change that and I need some help in executing the plan. We will build the specifics of the work around the intern’s skill sets and their workload availability, but here’s a list of the kind of things I need help with:

  • Creating social media posts (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN)

  • Creating banners for social media sites

  • Creating emails announcing new episodes

  • Creating show notes for each episode

  • Uploading episode files to hosting software

A lot of these things happen on a very strict schedule and you will be able to automate and streamline these processes. You will likely have great ideas for promotion that are far better than mine, as well. 


About the Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is hungry to learn learn and grow. You need to care about leadership and seeing other’s lives impacted by valuable content. Some level of interest in entrepreneurship or business, in general, is helpful. You need to have good design sensibility (subjective, I know) and an ability to execute very simple design production work. The ideal candidate will take deadlines seriously and will always be a step ahead.

About the Pay

This is the part where most people will lose interest. There is no pay associated with this project. (If you are a college student and you are able to get college credit for this, I highly recommend it and I will help you do that. This is what I did in college and it was extremely valuable). As it stands, this podcast does not produce revenue so I don’t get paid either. If that changes and I can secure revenue, we will revisit this structure. So, why in the world should you work for free? In short, you will be better off when you’re done with this project than when you started. I will provide you with an experience that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. As you continue in your career, you will be able to show tangible work that you’ve done rather than trying to convince someone of what you might be capable of. You will sharpen your skills, you will have autonomy to make decisions within helpful parameters and you will be stretched. 


About the Timing

I’m ready to start now, but that’s negotiable. How many hours per week? That’s up to you. We’ll take a look at your availability and put together a plan before you agree to take on the work. How long will this internship last? That’s dependent on you, as well. We’ll decide on a timeframe before you agree to take on the work.

If this is a project you’re interested in, please take 5 minutes to answer a few questions about yourself.

Bold Future Intern Questionnaire