Bringing New Life to a Struggling Company - Liz Pharo

We've all been forced into situations that we didn't know how to handle, where the only choice was to move forward. That's exactly where Liz Pharo found herself four years ago. After the unfortunate passing of her father, Liz had to decide what to do with Momentum Telecom, a struggling company he owned. Rather than duck and run, Liz decided to make some major changes within the company's leadership and bring in a new CEO. Since then, the company has done a complete 180 and is now not only profitable, but expanding. Liz had guts and vision and is a woman and leader we all can learn from.

How do you know if this episode is for you? Here's a few of the things we discussed: 

  • Overcoming difficult obstacles in pursuit of a big goal
  • Making decisions based on a mix of data and gut instinct
  • Why clear goals are so important for a team
  • Asking for help and why humility is vital to growth

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