Many Hands

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

English poet and playwright, John Heywood, is credited with coining this phrase. I know next to nothing about him, but I've learned a lot about the phrase lately. In the next couple of weeks I'm launching a new venture with some friends that I'm really excited about. It's different from anything I've ever done before, both in concept and execution. For most of my work and entrepreneurial life, I've worked on my own or with a single partner. I've never managed more than three people at a time and I've never had the need to recruit and hire multiple employees.

This time around I have numerous business partners. We have a team of contractors building out our space and getting us ready to launch. We are interviewing employees, making offers and getting our team in place. Because of all the people involved, I've seen more accomplished in the last week than I thought was possible. I've tended to believe that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Yes, that can be true, but it also comes at a huge cost - time. You just progress so slowly when you put everything on your own shoulders.

I'm not encouraging you to go hire a bunch of employees, buy an office building or go in search of a business partner. These things may not be necessary. I'm only suggesting that you think about the way you work - maybe the way you're spending your time now could be used more effectively. Maybe more hands could make the work light.