Perfection vs Perfecting

Perfection is a noble goal, but perfecting may be better. 

I'll use a doorknob as an example. Yesterday, at Breakout we didn't have a doorknob on a new door we installed in the lobby. Installing one would only take five minutes, but on multiple occasions we had forgotten to buy one. Despite our lack of hardware, we had customers coming in all day long. Though some may have thought it strange, not one of them ever said a word about it. Not one of them refused to pay because the lobby door did not have a doorknob. Without question, the space wasn't perfect without it. But what if we had waited to accept bookings until we had a doorknob? We would have lost both revenue and momentum at a time when we definitely need both. 

It's a bit of a ridiculous analogy, but not much more ridiculous than some of the important decisions we delay making because circumstances aren't perfect.