Zkano Socks: Gina Locklear

In its heyday, there were over 100 active sock mills in Forty Payne, Alabama. However, due to outsourcing and cheaper overseas manufacturing, all but a few of them have shut down their mills for good. That did not deter Gina Locklear from starting her own sock company, Zkano, in 2008. I’m fascinated by stories of people who defy the odds to start something they believe in, especially in an industry that is so challenging. Gina was kind enough to invite me to her mill, show me around and talk to me about how she got into the business and the adversity she’s had to overcome to make her dream a reality. 

gina crop.jpg

How do you know if this issue is for you? We discuss: 

  • The power of grit and why sometimes you just need to keep going
  • Why conventional wisdom should sometimes be ignored
  • The importance of attention to detail and the value it creates
  • Why prioritizing your team in good times and bad is so important

Check out Zkano online. These socks are incredibly comfortable and make for great Christmas gifts: https://zkano.com/