Great Bear Wax Co: Jake Carnley


Jake Carnley is the founder of Great Bear Wax Co. and they make some of the most amazing candles you’ll ever smell. Jake started pouring candles in his apartment while he was attending Auburn University in 2013 and since then he’s seen the brand really take off. They’ve been able to get in to some large retailers and he’s hoping to announce partnerships with more stores you’ve definitely heard of very soon. I was curios to hear what Jake’s journey has been like and why he chose to build a business selling candles in the first place. 

How do you know if this episode is for you? We discuss:

  • How to recover strategically after a big failure
  • Why more people need to take more chances
  • The power of maintaining a vision you believe in 
  • Empowering beliefs and why Jake believes you have what it takes

Check out Great Bear Wax Co online and go buy a few candles: