I think there are two forms of patience. One is good and healthy. One is bad and toxic. 

The good kind is the virtue. It's the one that ensures we speak kindly no matter the circumstance. It does not cave to the outside pressures of traffic, ignorance or slow walkers at the mall. It is long suffering and a requirement for strong and healthy relationships. 

The bad kind is really just fear in disguise. It looks noble, but it robs us of progress and momentum. Instead of picking up the phone to call someone who is overdue for calling us back, we "don't want to bother them". Instead of making a decision that will move an initiative forward we "wait to see what happens". It's true that being pushy and impatient is a poor strategy for success with people. It's also true that what we may be telling ourselves is patience is just a lie driven by the fear of taking the next right step.