Ep 9: Local Insights with Author and Entrepreneur, Carrie Rollwagen

My guest today is entrepreneur and author, Carrie Rollwagen. Her new book, The Localist, documents her journey as she shopped at only locally owned businesses for an entire year. I wanted to interview Carrie because, in addition to leading a company (Church Street Coffee and Books) she is also leading a movement. Her voice for small businesses and local shopping has encouraged her wide following to think about the purchases they make and their impact on the community. We need more people like Carrie speaking out and I am excited to share her insights with you. 

What you'll learn in this episode: 

Why truly listening and responding to your community of customers is crucial.

The importance of thinking past personal preference for product offerings.

Why we need both big businesses and small shops for a healthy community. 

Thoughts on how to publish a book and why you should consider it.

The importance of books and the future of the book publishing industry.

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