Ep 7: Surviving and Growing a Startup with Jonathan Robinson, CEO, FreeTextbooks.com

Jonathan Robinson is a straight up awesome dude. I've had the opportunity to get to know him over the last few years and I've been extremely impressed by his passion for people, growth and entrepreneurship. No doubt, running a startup is difficult and Jonathan gives us some great behind the scenes insights on how he thinks as a leader and what he wrestles with. The outlook for FreeTextbooks.com is very bright with him at the helm and I'm excited to see where he takes it. 

In this episode you'll hear thoughts on:

  • Why delegation is so important for company growth despite its difficulty
  • The difference in Founder and CEO and why it matters
  • What it's like to move a team across the country and how to keep them united
  • The importance of mindset and what might help startups in Birmingham
  • How to juggle work and family in the context of a startup

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I am in the process of thinking through Season 2 for the podcast and I would love to get your help. If you could hear from any leader, who would it be? The qualifications are pretty straightforward: effective leaders with a compelling story we can learn from. Please let me know if you have any suggestions by sending an email to  jeremy@boldfuture.co Thanks!